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Managing in the Pay for Performance Environment

At DMSRetail, the retail success company, we operate within the philosophy of the 6 pillars of retail; one of those pillars being people. The effectiveness of that particular pillar is optimized through the implementation and maintenance of strong, performance oriented …

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Missed Sales

Are you calculating your missed opportunities on a regular basis?   If you are then, presumably, you are doing something to reduce them.     If you aren’t, you are leaving money  on the table…maybe lots of it!    Check …

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Hiring in Retail

“Retail chains around the world are facing an increasing margin squeeze—from changing consumer behavior, new store formats, rising  complexity, supplier consolidation, and other  factors. Retailers need to take new  approaches to improve operations  and boost competitive advantage.” ~ATKearney, Consumer Products & …

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Loyal Customers

Make sure your efforts, to attract new business, don’t offend your loyal customers.Sometimes, we go all out for new business.  Sometimes, that means we offer new customers something special, right?  And that’s really nice for those prospective customers. But what happens when your current…maybe even …

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